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For help with Sign Controller please review our user manual. We have also added these instructional videos below for you convenience. Our videos feature detailed instructions for first time use of Sign Controller, as well as a real world example for setting up a display to be used to inform visitors at a convention about events via a schedule. If you seek further assistance feel free to contact us. Our Staff is very knowledgeable and available for your assistance.

User Manuals

PDF User Manual Download

DOCX User Manual Download


Instructional Tutorial Videos

Sign Controller can be used in many different industries. Convention centers, to display schedules and convention maps to guests. Retail stores, to display menus to customers, Schools, to display upcoming events and class schedules. These videos will instruct you through first time use of sign controller and a real world example of setting up a convention schedule.

How to Use Sign Controller


This tutorial will help you with the initial set-up of Sign Controller, how to set-up your first timeline, and give you an overview of Sign Controllers functions.


Convention Schedule Example


In this tutorial we will show you how to use Sign Controller in a real world scenario for this example we will be making a schedule to be displayed at a convention center.