Benefits of Sign Controller

Powerful benefits of Sign Controller maximize your message!


Digital Signage example.

Sign Controller gives you the most value for your screen space. Instead of a single static message displayed on a wall or a kiosk, a business can display any number of messages, alternating between them as needed. With a single Sign Controller display, a business can display updated menus, make trivia night a hit, notify customers about an upcoming open mic night and offer kudos to the employee of the month, all from the same screen. Each of these adaptations is simple to achieve through the by using Sign Controller, and can be adapted for use in convention centers, retail stores, restaurants, bars, schools and any office. All screens are completely customize-able in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Display External Content

Digital Signage example.

Sign Controller allows you to link to any available pre-existing streaming content and display it in multi-format. Should you wish to update people on the upcoming weather forecast, sports scores, while simultaneously streaming the local news you can in split screen variety, slideshow, or lower screen tickers. Settings to auto-display Emergency Alerts overrides are available and so much more!


Digital Signage example.

Sign Controller only needs an internet connection and a trickle of power to function, which means it can be placed wherever it will have the most impact for your customer or client. Take it to the convention room floor, the top of a skyscraper, or a mountain lodge and display the virtues of your business for the world to see.

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Easy to use Online Management

Sign Controller is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the closest alternative on the market for digital sign controlling programs, making it ideal for businesses that are just starting or looking for an affordable way to update.

Easy to Install

Easy to use Online Management

Whether you take advantage of Sign Controller's comprehensive installation package or you do it yourself, hooking up the hardware is simple. The software is even more intuitive, with video tutorials explaining everything and 24/7 support available for any other questions you have. When you work with Sign Controller, your business will always have tech support a phone call away.


Adaptable digital signage is useful for a variety of businesses, from bars and restaurants to small businesses and startups. Run out of your best-selling menu item? Replace it on the fly with an available option. The new product debut canceled due to weather? Update the calendar and show everyone in the break room all at once.

A display set up with Sign Controller can show questions on trivia night, then your menu, then stream a classic movie and feature a slideshow, all on a single screen. Whenever the needs of your business change, digital signs can respond instantly. No lag time, no printing quotes, and no hassle.

Space Saving

Besides offering a modern looking alternative to faded vinyl signage, implementing a virtual sign gives your business the power to maximize the square footage of your space.

If you think about your space, everything you need to show is competing. Prices sit next to sale announcements, sandwiched by this week's product promotion, all clamoring for wall space and attention. With a digital sign, you can combine many types of information into a single space, freeing up your walls.

Since updating content on your display is easy with Sign Controller, each time a customer visits your establishment, they'll get to experience something new and engaging instead of the same old sign, the same old brochure.

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Environmentally Conscious

Easy to use Online Management

Using an electronic sign reduces paper waste greatly, particularly if your business frequently needs to print new versions of something to keep it up to date. With a digital sign from Sign Controller, you can log in and make the changes from anywhere, whenever you need to, instead of throwing away the old menus or brochures when they're obsolete.

Sign Controller also allows you to fix any errors immediately after you notice them. You don't need to pay to reorder a batch of pamphlets with a typo on them, you can edit it immediately and save yourself the headache. The best part is, there's no fee for going in and making as many changes as you need. Log in, add the new menu, delete last week's calendar information, fix a typo, and then go about your day.


Easy to use Online Management

Real time leaderboard rankings for the company Golf Tournament, the most up-to-date baseball season standings, or update your board to manage any groups & leagues.

This kind of personalized customer experience is something easily obtainable with Sign Controller. Whether you display a live stream of the comments your Twitter followers make [link to:] or you use a touch-screen to take song requests, the ability to wow the customers with a customized display is within your reach.

Even something as simple as having the background image be a slow-moving graphic can spice up your customer's experience. If you are particularly ambitious, you could use Sign Controller to create a slideshow of your customer's social media photos in real-time. If somebody takes a selfie and tags your company, that picture could be displayed with a “welcome!” message in between the menu and trivia questions.


Touch screens have come a long way from the days of bowling alley touchpads. For a modern business, using a touch screen display to let customers play games, order their food or submit a comment improves the customer experience and it also provides easily searchable data. Collecting survey data about your customers? Hand them a Sign Controller powered touchscreen and let them play.

Touch screens can be used to entertain clients while they wait for a presentation to begin, they can give customers the ability to customize their experience with your business, and they tap into a customer's sense of the familiar. Everyone with a smartphone interacts with a touch screen in their daily life; when they do so at your business, they experience a sense of comfort, which is is exactly what you want a customer to feel when they are visiting your establishment.

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