Choosing Hardware for Digital Signage

Date: 9/28/2017 Category : Helpful Tips

Choosing the proper hardware to display your content may seem like a quick and easy decision for some, however, there are many variables that most clients will overlook when choosing the streaming devices and digital displays for their digital signage solution.

The first thing to consider is the type of content you will be presenting on your screens.

Sign Controllers software was designed to outlast much of the hardware currently on the market. A great example of this is 4k High Definition. Sign Controller was developed long before the release of 4k screens to the consumer public, and since day one of their release Sign Controller has been able to display rich beautiful content on these high-resolution canvasses. Hardware devices that process 4k streams have not been terribly expensive since their release, often averaging at $199 for a solid device.

If you are planning on displaying non-moving content such as advertisements, pictures or slideshows at 1080p, there will be no need to spend top dollar on a controller box that may cost $399 when hardware that cost $99 will present you with the same result that you are looking for.

Ideally, Sign Controller also supports controller devices with multiple screen outputs. This means that you can have multiple screens being controlled by the same controller box allowing you to present the same content in multiple viewing areas or different content in each viewing area. The cost of a device with multiple outputs can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the content you plan on displaying, for example running 2 or more 1080p screens from 1 controller device would be more cost effective versus running a controller device on each screen. However running 2 or more 4k screens from 1 controller device would be more expensive vs having individual Sign Controller devices.

How do I know where to find the best deal?

The best way to know that you are getting the most bang for your buck is to contact our one of friendly and helpful representatives. They will take the time to listen to your goals, and the desired result you wish to receive from your digital signage solution. We will then work with you to ensure you are getting the result you are looking for at an exceptional price. We can also integrate using the screens and controller devices you already may own if they are found to be compatible.