Sign Controller Digital Signage

Boost Customer Interaction, and Advertise in a way that will truly get your audience's Attention!

Online Management

Sign Controller's convenient remote display management tools are accessible anywhere you can get online.

Powerful Modern Tools

Packed with a variety of tools to modernize, streamline, and capture the attention of your audience.


Scheduling allows you to plan product releases or adapt signage based on the time day or even month.


Your Business is Dynamic. Your Signs should be too!

Sign Controller is the next step in the evolution of advertising and information display.

High Definition Displays including 4k

Supports High Definition 4K Displays

Sign Controller is adaptable enough to work with a variety of touch screens, LCD screens and monitors. We offer a selection of displays for you to purchase, or you can integrate Sign Controller with the displays you already own.  We offer high-resolution displays of all various shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. They can range from small displays for kiosks and information booths, to huge displays for advertising and just about anything else you can imagine; we provide everything you need.

Kiosk Capabilities

Interactive Touch Screens

Our interactive touch overlays are cutting-edge, affordable, and can be applied to just about any flat surface or display. We will program the overlay to respond to a multitude of gestures providing user input that is not only easy and convenient, but is fun to use. Normal keyboards give out often and the touch surface is a durable surface that will outlast normal keyboards. This is excellent for providing an interactive customer experience not soon forgotten.

Online Management of Signs

Online Management Software

Create and manage multiple user accounts, view your displays, change the pages displayed on the screen, write something on the fly and insert it into the pages, or manage the applications running on the displays. You can also view automatic alerts that provide information about the status of your displays. Manage dozens or even hundreds of displays in many different locations from one, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from the office, home, or on the go.

Expandable Hardware

Plug & Play

Installing Sign Controller to your display is as simple as plugging it in and connecting to the internet. These Wi-Fi enabled display controllers operate on just about any device. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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What will you use Sign Controller for?

With our custom digital sign software, business owners can display a webpage or a film, a newsfeed or a menu, all using the same screen. Sign Controller can be used to debut new products on the convention floor, display real-time data to a group of shareholders, or provide an interactive touch-screen experience to the customer.

Sign Controller is a product of Consortium Software
and is available on our Stackable Software platform.

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